Share a Storybook!

  1. Give your clients a gift they will cherish.
  2. Customized with your information.
  3. Help your clients talk to their children about moving.

Stand out and be a memorable resource to your clients with a customized New Home Adventure Book! 


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Make Moving Easier with A Customized Book to Help Kids Adjust to a New Home

The New Home Adventure Book is an educational and engaging story for children to help them adjust to a new home. This book has stories and activities to help spur conversation about moving into a new home. The book introduces children to the concept of a new home and all of the exciting possibilities that come with it.

We've Made it Simple

The New Home Adventure Book is a unique and personal gift that can be created and ordered in just a easy steps. 

Your book is customized with your name, company, website and contact information.  Simply complete the online form, and order your books.  Additional books can be ordered at anytime. 

Step One

Complete your branding information

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Step Two

Order your books

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Step Three

Give the best marketing gift ever!

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Mortgage Professionals!

Co-Brand the Book with Your Real Estate Agents! 

We've made it easy for you to co-brand the books with your real estate agents!  Imagine sharing such a helpful gift with your real estate agents!  

They will LOVE sharing their own co-branded copy with buyers and sellers!  Take them to open houses, workshops and meetings.  It's perfect for today's buyers and sellers with children. 

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We make it easy to co-brand the book!

Easy to get started!  Simply complete your customized order form.  We can set up your book so you can have your own, set up a copy that you can use to co-brand the book with your real estate partners.  Follow these simple steps:

1. Complete your customized order form.

2. Send us your logo, headshot and information.

3. Add your real estate partners onto your order.  

4. Decide how many books they want to order. (We don't include any books in your co-branded customized order so that they can decide how many they want.  (orders are made in 25, 50 and 100 sets)

5. Upload their branding information. (We provide an easy link for branding information, so it's easy for them to get their information to us.)

You can co-brand with one or several real estate agents.  

Cost per co-branded book is $250 per real estate agent.

You must complete your own customization order and then you can add on real estate agents at any time.  

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